Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The first local version of my Itinerant Artist Project, the Rochester Community Artist in Residence Tour (ROC-ART) is my way of using art to learn more about my community and to share the exploration with others.

ROC-ART began in 2010 and continues through 2011. Like the Itinerant Artist Project, ROC-ART is based on the principle of gift exchange – “trading art for hospitality” – and on the rich quality of sharing that comes from situating my painting practice in other people’s homes for a few days.

This Project involves finding volunteer hosts in 12-15 locations in and around Rochester and at each location: living 1-3 days on site; making several small paintings based on the local surroundings; and giving one painting to my host in thanks for the food, lodging, and sociability.

Unlike my usual art road trips, this Greater Rochester “tour” will be done in installments - about one stop per month. This will better allow me to share the project’s development and generate a more meaningful interaction with the public, through this blog.

My goal for ROC-ART is to create a sort of composite portrait of Greater Rochester through a series of approximately 100 small-format landscape paintings (oil on panel) from locations that reflect a wide and representative range of physical environments, from rural outskirts to inner city neighborhoods.  The resulting paintings will be posted on this blog and eventually displayed in a public exhibition.

This project is supported in part by the NY State Council on the Arts and the Arts and Cultural Council for Greater Rochester.

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