OUTREACH AND INPUT: hosting, public presentations, comments, etc.

Interaction with the Greater Rochester community and public input are important components of this project. There are four main ways to get involved:
  • be a host
  • invite me to talk to your art class, group, etc.
  • give input via this blog or by e-mail
  • tell your friends about the project and the blog 
BE A HOST: I'm looking for a few more hosts in the Rochester area. The project MAP shows where I have offers and where I most need offers, but I welcome invitations from anywhere. Read more about hosting here.

INVITE ME TO TALK TO YOUR ART CLASS, ART GROUP, ETC.:  Throughout 2011 I'm giving presentations about the project to art classes at local schools and to other interested groups. I've presented and done art residencies at colleges, high schools, museums, libraries, art centers and retirement homes around the country. If you're a local college or high school art teacher and want a visiting artist, let me know.  I may even be able to arrange a painting stop in your neighborhood. If you are involved in some other group that would be interested in a talk or multi-media presentation about this project, also let me know. Please contact me at: jhmott@juno.com.

PUBLIC INPUT:  You can suggest scenes for me to paint, or simply give input on the project and artwork.  If you want to comment on what you see on this blog or wish to suggest subject matter for painting, please post a comment, or e-mail me at jhmott@juno.com.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS:  This project is largely a labor of love, but it also has some modest funding from NY State (via NYSCA and the Arts and Cultural Council for Greater Rochester). The more people who learn about this project and are entertained, uplifted, provoked to thought or creative work or community action by it...the better.  Tell your friends and follow the blog. You'll make the grantors happy and help to ensure that the people of NY are getting some bang for their buck.