Thumbnail Overview of Postings

Each stop of the Rochester "tour" that I've posted so far is noted here with a painting thumbnail or two followed by basic stop info.  Click on the stop number to link to the full blog entry.

STOP #1, March 2-4, southeast Pittsford
Hosts: Steve Daniel & Joan Zeller

STOP #2, April 22-24, central Rochester
Host: Joseph Becker

STOP #3, May 9-10, northeast Irondequoit
Hosts: Paul Dodd & Peggi Fournier

STOP #4, June 2-4, Clifton, NY (SW Chili)
Host: Bob Emens  

STOP #5, June 29-July 1, High Falls, Rochester
Host: Sally Wood Winslow

High Falls postscript

STOP #6, July 26-28, central Pittsford
Hosts:  Bill Ribas and Laura Terhaar

STOP #7, September 7-8, Gibbs Street
Hosts: Tom and Marianne Kroon

STOP #8, November 3-5, Atlantic Avenue
Host: Kate Stathis

Atlantic Avenue Postscript

STOP #9, December 13-15, north Rochester
Host: Cheryl Bagley

Transitions, December 15-17.